Computer Security & Backup

EDR (Antivirus) , Remote Monitoring & Management & Online Backup
Starting at $20 a month per workstation.

Why choose 330 Hosting & Consulting?

We make sure you are protected

We handle your security and backups so you don't need to wonder if you have a good backup.

Experience with most industries

We have experience working with Dentists, Lawyers, Doctors, Accountants, Churches, Schools, Restaurants, Title Agencies, Manufacturing, and Real Estate.

Total Protection

With our management plan you can feel confident knowing in the case of ransomware you have a good backup and will be able to recover. Most outages without good image based backups can take a week to recover with most businesses never coming back.

We will keep your system safe from criminals

Your systems are not safe unless you have a solid backup that is tested regularly. Take your security online seriously, you likely can't run your business without your computer.

Cost Savings

Our monthly plan will save you money by keeping your systems safe and protected, keeping you from having to rebuild your entire business in the case of ransomware or natural disaster.

We will help you get the services you need without you worrying about everything. We handle it all for you.

Endpoint Security & Monitoring

Make sure your device is protected with our EDR (Antivirus). Our EDR stops malware that hasn’t even had a signature created yet.It’s behavior detection is currently¬† the best in the industry.

Hourly Online Backup

We provide hourly backups that are unlimited so you never need to worry if you are safe. This is the backbone of what we provide.

Remote Support

We will connect to your computer remotely to fix your issues. Our remote support keeps you from needing to pay for travel charges to keep cost down.

We will setup notifications for you to know every time something is wrong with your computer system. Our management allows us to automatically update your system and perform maintenance.

We can move your Company’s email to Microsoft 365. We have the knowledge to upgrade your current email solution to Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace.

Web Hosting

Get your website up and running with our blazing fast hosting. With our managed WordPress plan everything will be handled by us so you can focus on your business.

Search Engine Optimization

With our SEO you will have your website listing on google. Our ongoing SEO plan will make sure you are getting the most out of your website. Your website will be continuously monitored for all your keywords to see where you rank on Google.

Get protected.

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